I finally jumped on the iPhone bandwagon awhile back and as with many other people I am completely addicted to it.  Why!?  What is SO special about this phone that drives the need to have it at my side at all times.  I feel like a crazy person at times but I just love it.

I love my Smurfs game that takes up waaaay to much time!
I love 8mm with all the great old timey film styles. 
And I love Instagram! It's like a mini blog just for pictures.

I think the best thing about having a smart phone at your side is you can catch little moments that you would normally be running to grab your camera and hoping the moment doesn't pass you by.

Here's a few that I've caught:

A moment in the sun

A duck couple outside my apartment one morning

Hubby having a cat nap

Caught taking a bath

Caught at a flying demonstration at the Vancouver aquarium

In all his glory!

While the iPhone camera can never replace the "real thing" it's such a great little tool when you're on the go! 

If you don't already have a smart phone I would suggest you run out and get one!  I know there are still people who don't and they are just carazzzy!  I've heard you can use them as real phones too!  Amazing right??

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