A Box of Goodies!

I am so tickled!

Why, you ask?

I'm tickled because there exists such a thing as Luxe Box

What IS Luxe Box, you ask?

It is a delightful service that for a small fee you can receive a variety of high (and low) end samples of makeup, perfume, nail polish etc etc etc.

And for those of you, who like me, love a product that is well marketed, you will love the packaging it comes in.  I know it shouldn't make a difference, but I've always been a sucker for beautiful and well thought out packaging.

I received my first Luxe Box last month and wanted to share with you the fun of opening one for yourself!

How simple and cute this box is! 

Then you slide it open to reveal the joy within!

I mean....come on!  How can they afford such perfection and personalization for my measly $12 a month!

Each box comes with a description of the products within and how much they retail for if you wanted to buy them after you've test driven them.

Once you're finally inside you'll find a bunch of blue squiggly paper....which made me super happy...AND you'll also find your products nestled inside their crinkly blue nest!

What?  Heheh...what's this doing in here...I don't need firming cream...shuh, yeah right...

Oh and I don't know if it was due to it being the December (and therefore chocolate holiday edition) but I also received a chocolate coin!  De-lite-ful!

So all told, I received two Paco Rabanne perfume samples, one limp plumping Lise Watier lip gloss, a Yves Rocher Mandarin Body Wash and the completely and utterly ridiculous DDF Advanced Firming Cream.

All the men who read this I'm sure will think it's an utter waste of money....heck, some of you women may even think so.  But for a small monthly fee, less than two coffees at Starbucks (and FAR less fattening) I can get a box delivered to my door with an element of surprise to it that makes me smile! 

What more can I ask for!?