I've Got Friends in High Places

Some people consider friends in high places to be corporate fat cats or doctor's, lawyers etc etc.  I consider people who have access to free fruit, berries and land for growing to be in high places!  So today I was so honoured to be invited by my best friend Meghann to go to the farm the company she works for owns. 

We went primarily for blackberries but ended up coming home with blueberries as well.  On top of that we have plans to return to cash in on the overload of hawthorne berries and rosehips!

Of course I curse myself because I forgot my camera as I wanted to photograph the bounty on the branch.  However we do intend to go back again as the blueberries are almost done producing so I'll take pics then.  In the meantime I managed to get a couple with my phone (that I of course forgot in the car) once we were done picking. 


Today my intention is to make some fruit leather out of all these blackberries, blueberries as well as the huckleberries I plundered in the woods yesterday (sadly those are not wild blueberries, just some from home).

I'll share the fruit leather experience shortly!  It's my first time since I was a kid making this so it should be fun!
It was a beautiful morning spent on a couple acres of land and I'm SO happy to have gone!

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