Happily I Return!

I'm finally back and eager to get going again on this blog project!!

So far I really haven't given you much at all so I'm sorry about that.  Being sick and recovering took awhile, then I was away and got busy with summer activities!  I know, excuses, excuses!  But now that I'm feeling good again and no plans to be away on the horizon I can jump back in!

I love hiking and swimming and generally being out and about whether it be rainy or sunny!  Last August a friend and me took a mini-herbalist course offered by our local parks department.  It was wonderful.  We got to meet great people and learn about some useful plants that are found all around us.  Many of them I had no idea they were anything of consequence at all, but turned out they have miriad uses!

From time to time we will go "wildcrafting" which essentially is just getting out and picking sustainably from parks and the sides of roads and friend's backyard if you're so lucky!

It's good to have an idea of what you're looking for before you head out or you may find yourself wandering aimlessly.  When we went out we had some specific ideas in mind.  Calendula and plaintain (not the tropical variety).  We came home with both those as well as rose hips and Hawthorne berries!  I made this drying rack with the help of a friend and it works perfect for a home herbalists needs!

I'm thinking I'll make a simple hair treatment from the calendula flowers and plaintain leaves - both are great for soothing skin rashes and irritation.  Not that my head has either, but they both work as a general skin tonic as well! 

Calendula is a pretty common herb in my neck of the woods so there is plenty of recipes and uses for it.  I'm going super simple this time. AND I'm super excited that I finally get to use my antique mason jar that I bought last year!  Hand blown with a glass lid.  The ring was pretty beaten up so I spray painted it bright purple and I just love the effect!  Ok onto the steps!

  • Pack a jar full with the dried flowers - you cannot have moisture in the jar or it may rot.
  • Cover with olive oil (or another oil of your choice) and organic if you can find it....everything is better organic!
  • Finger tighten the lid on and put the jar into a paper bag and set near a warm window. 
  • Check it every few days as you may have to top up the oil as the flowers soak it up.
  • After two weeks strain out the flowers and use the oil as a scalp and hair rub. 
So now I must wait, but I must say it'll be worth it!  I love creating with nature!  I'll let you know how it turns out when I smear it all over my head!  You'll be running out to get your own!

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