Letters from Home

Ever had a magazine laying around the house that you had read a thousand times?  It's only purpose now was to pass it along to someone, donate it to the office or recycle it?  How about this instead? 

Nearly 10 years ago I had moved away to live in Calgary.  My mom wrote me letters and we spoke all the time, but the most special letter I got from her was created using a magazine. 

No cut out letters like a ransom note, instead she injected the whole magazine with her words.  She used the images on the page to tell the story of what she felt in her heart and I've kept it all these years.

I found it odd when I first opened the box of goodies from home that mom had sent me an old copy of my Elle magazine, but when I opened it and started leafing through the pages, it was all I could do from crying.

The winter in Calgary is long and at that time I was really struggling with missing my friends and family on the west coast.  She read my mind and comforted me as any mother would, but in her own unique way.  Here are just a few pictures to share with you.  Maybe next time you have a magazine you're just about to toss out, you'll fill it instead with a love letter of sorts to someone far away!

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